10 steps to designing a luxury kitchen

Dubai kitchens are one of the most favorite interiors to look at and enjoy. Because these kitchens are fabulous, everyone want to have them and if that’s the case then we believe this step by step kitchen Dubai design guide is for you. Keep on reading to make the process easier for you and learning a few tricks along the way.

  1. First of all, analyze your kitchen and take a look at all the things which you would like to have in there or the parts that you want to eliminate. Get a list of it all and then see which are the places that you need to hit first to get the renovations started.
  2. Go through pinterest, magazines and any place else to find inspiration for your kitchen. Select a design, style and theme and know exactly what you want. Run that through with the interior designer to see what would work best with the space available.
  3. Understand that not every kitchen on pinterest is design worthy which is why be practical and see what your kitchen has available and what layout should you aim for.
  4. Set up a budget. Very very important.
  5. Think about the cabinets and what you would like to do with them. Will you be keeping your old ones or would you want to get new ones installed? Whichever it is, decide it early on.
  6. If your budget allows, see what you can do with your benchtop. Check if you want to switch up the style or simply remodel it into something fancy.
  7. When selecting and buying appliances, consider the power capacity your house has so that they all can work, or else you will have to look into it or worse, cut down a few appliances which you own.
  8. Even if so, you still need to call over the electrician and get last of your lighting fixtures done.
  9. If you plan on adding flooring such as carpets, then now would be a good time to do that but mostly for kitchens, consider wood flooring or something similar to help through.
  10. Lastly, get in all the furniture and set it out the way you have imagined it to come together in the end. Enjoy the finished look and put up your kitchen transformation on pinterest.