What do kids learn in kindergarten?

There are several British schools in Qatar in which you can get the admission of your kids but you have to know about their teaching methods and the curriculum they have in their schools. You also need to know about the teachers there and their qualifications so that your kids will get the best assistance in those crucial initial years of their life. To know more about all this you can easily go to website and check the information or ask from them. Your kids will learn the following basic skills in these early years:

First of all they will learn about the letters and alphabets without writing them down because in the start they will not have the ability to grab a pencil in their little hands but they can recognize a letter ad its sound. Their brains are so quick to learn that you will get amazed by their learning abilities only if they get proper assistance and good environment at school. In kindergarten they will get the video sessions of poems and stories in which they will learn about new words and also they will get to know about the alphabet stories to recognize each word.

After learning about letters they will then get the activities to know about the numbers. Different activities are involved in this and normally kids will get to know about math in later stages of kindergarten when they get to know about holding a pencil. This will be learned through flash cards and through different other activities. They will learn about counting while playing so that they will learn and remember for longer period of time. Once they recognize the words then they will start learning through books with stories in them about numbers.

An art is the best way to help kids in learning about colors, coordination and grip on pencil. Kids will be given sheets to draw and color the shapes on the paper and then they will be taught about coloring inside the lines of the shape. Art is also very helpful to know about the feelings of kids because kids are not good in expressing with words but their drawings will tell you about everything they are feeling and thinking. Color combination will be learned through different activities and it will help kids throughout their life and career.