Tips to Stay Safe in the Kitchen

Cooking can be fun but it can be dangerous when not done in a safe way. It was estimated by the World Health Organization, that around the world, there are more than a million cases reported where people lose their live or get permanent damages while cooking in the kitchen or working in the kitchen. That is why it is important to stay safe in kitchen because it is not less than a death zone. That is also why we took the responsibility to let you know about different and easy ways to stay safe in kitchen at all times.

So, the first step is to get the knives in a safe place. There are many cases reported in a hospital where people have either got cut while cutting vegetables or dropped the knives on themselves accidentally. So, it is advised that you put the knives in a wooden block or in a drawer. If you are cutting vegetables make sure that you are wearing silicon gloves that are available in any super store in the kitchen isle also, they are not very expensive. Also, there are plastic and wooden covers which are put on the edge of the knives. These put when you are done using them, these are also available at any super store.

Either you are a man or a woman, anyone can have desire of having long hair, which we think looks beautiful. But if you are also fond of cooking make sure to tie those hair up with a rubber or hair catcher or wear a cap because hair can easily catch fire and due to hair, fire spreads really fast. Also, you must not wear lose clothes because in India and Pakistan, there are many incidents where the women’s clothes catch fire because of their lose and many pieces of clothes on them. So, wear clothes which you can easily carry and also don’t wear clothes which are made up of net or silk because they catch fire even from a distant.

Again, if you are a man or woman and going in the kitchen to make yourself any meal, then make sure that you are not wearing any kind of steel, silver, plastic or even gold jewelry or any kind of jewelry for that matter. You can also see safest and best kitchen island at German kitchen in Riyadh.