How to make your wedding day memorable

Weddings can be a hectic event and this is why they are the most memorable ceremonies to look back at. But we are sure you wouldn’t want to look back at the horrible and disastrous cringy situations which is why here we have got you a list of things which you must consider doing on your wedding day and make it special than ever.

  • Don’t skip breakfast

This is the one tip which we recommend everyone but especially to brides because we are damn sure there is hardly going to be any time left for you during the whole day to even catch a breath and the only meal to look forward to would be the wedding dinner which most of the brides aren’t even excited for – considering the heat of the moment and everything going around.

  • Surprise your partner

Even though it’s a custom for most people to not see each other before the wedding, you can still surprise them with a part of you in form of a gift or a note. Consider handing this small gift to them before the ceremony with help of your bridesmaid and this small stolen moment will be the most cherished memory for you both.

  • Surround yourself with love

There are hardly moments which you would get to spend with your girls and mom which is why take the morning of your wedding off to spend with the girls, click some pictures, have a filling breakfast and just open your heart out. No shame in getting a little teary eyed as well because now is the time – or else you will ruin your makeup.

  • Get your essentials ready

When you are looking for anarkali suits party wear online shopping to get ready for the upcoming events, consider getting your essentials such as mascara, powder, lipstick and even perfume ready. They are going to come in handy when you need to give your makeup a touch up.

  • Father daughter time

The best way to cherish your most memorable day is by reviving the tradition of father daughter dance and flaunting your bridal dress UAE along with the beautiful bond and relationship which you share with your father. Don’t shy away from stealing a few moments with your dad as you are going to miss him the most.