Different fields of engineering to know about

Engineering is a degree of four years like any other graduating degree but it has more difficulty is passing out especially for those who do not have their heart in to it and get admission in engineering just because of peer pressure. A person should only go to the engineering school when he is interested in this field and also knows about all the difficulties which he may encounter during the studies otherwise he will stuck in to it and some will have to drop their education due to the study load and stress. There are different fields to opt and some of them are as follows:

Electrical engineering: Electrical engineering UAE is known as the most difficult one amongst all of the fields because in this field students need to study advanced maths prior to applying for this field and there are many students who will be unable to pass the test. In the first two years they will get the same study as others and in the last two years they need to study about electrical designs and about power.

Mechanical engineering: In this degree students need to study about almost all the other fields and that’s why most engineering company in UAE will go for hire these engineers for their companies. In this subject student have to get the knowledge about computer science engineering, civil engineering and about all other too while they have to be focused on their main subject in which they will learn about machine design, CAD etc.

Civil engineering: Students who are good in the fundamental of physics should go for this field as it involves a lot of physics in getting the entire knowledge about how to do a survey and about building material. They need to use mechanics in order to know about the designing of building and also they need to study about calculus.

Chemical engineering: It is believe to be more hectic as compare to all the other fields because these students do not have to go out in the field more as compared to other fields but their most of the work is inside the labs and they need to work with chemicals that are the reason for which it is the most difficult one out of all the fields because they need to know about chemicals along with engineering.