Coming up with useful marketing techniques

A massage centre that deals in mani pedi deals within Dubai should aim to get its hand on hair rebonding in Dubai. The purpose being is to retain as well as attract customers. 

Manicure and pedicure in brief: This is a process of restoring the condition of feet as well as hand nails. Usually females get their nails done but now slowly that trend is changing and there is an increase in the number of men frequenting massage centres. Getting the nails manicure and pedicure done respectively would not only restore the health of nails but allow clients to relax. A client should be relaxed in the sense that one can start feeling de stressed from the busy work life. Perhaps going with fellow colleagues can do wonders for social reasons. Colleagues going together to a massage centre get to know one another in details as they hardly have the time to socialize at work. 

Come up with a brilliant idea: A massage centre can expand its customer base especially when it comes to men by introducing rebonding services. It is understood that females frequently get rebinding done or at the most they do not need to due to having longer hair owing to good genetics. The moment a massage centre offers rebonding for men, in no time more customers would flock in to the premises. It is simple, men with super frizzy here get frustrated when they wake up in the morning and find their hair looks extremely odd. Such men have tried using various gels, straightners and anti-frizzlers. It is pertinent to mention that these only work for a brief period of time. Customers with curly hair can now opt for rebonding, make their hair longer and straighter.  

Inform customers: A good massage centre is one where a staff member informs the customer about possible side effects from getting hair rebonded. The reason is rebonding chemically breaks down natural bonds in the hair and rearranges them to form new bonds for the straightening of the hair. Post rebonding the hair needs to be maintained frequently as it becomes fragile over time. The heat used from all the chemicals in the process could potentially damage the scalp. Hence it is imperative to hire a trained staff to ensure a customer does not end up with their skin being burnt. Rebonding can lead to hair loss.