SIG GlobDev Workshop Proceedings

ISBN: 978-0-9826068-0-3

SIG GlobDev Workshop

Building 5, Floor 2
Paris, France - Saturday December 13, 2008

Preliminary Program

9:30 - 9:45
Room 5219

Plenary Session I

Introduction to the Workshop

Session Chair
Ted Stohr, Stevens Institute of Technology
Program Co-chairs
Chrisanthi Avgerou, London School of Economics
Muhammadou Kah, American University of Nigeria, Yola,
Adamawa State, Nigeria

Paper Sessions - Two Parallel Tracks

9:45  - 11:00
Room 5219


Session Chair

Don McCubbrey, University of Denver, USA

The Quest for Development - Reviewing ICT4D Research
Karin Hedström and Åke Grönlund, Örebro University, Sweden

IT Entrepreneurial Strategies in Emerging Economies: Lessons from a Local Start-up
Alina Chircu1 and Flavius Chircu2
1 Bentley University, 2 Consultant

The use and appropriation of ICT applications to address agricultural information needs  
Bidit Lal Dey, Renee Prendergast, and David Newman
Queens University Belfast, Northern Ireland

9:45  - 11:00
Room 5217


Session Chair

Ojelanki Ngenyama, Ryerson University, Canada

Methodology for Determining an ICT Workforce Management Strategy Based on Complementarity of Investments and Sources of Relative Inefficiency
Sergey Samoilenko1  and Ojelanki Ngwenyama2
1 Virginia Union University, USA, 2 Virginia Commonwealth University, USA

 The Integrated Self-Determination and Self-Efficacy Theories of ICT Training and Use: The Case of the Socio-Economically Disadvantaged
Angsana A. Techatassanasoontorn1 and Arunee Tanvisuth2
1 Pennsylvania State University;  2 Thammasat University, Thailand

Are Investments in ICT Impacting Economic Freedom in Africa? A Tobit Regression Analysis of Five African Countries from 1995-2002
Felix Bollou, Samuel Tesunbi and Anele Nwokoma
The American University of Nigeria, Yola, Nigeria

ICTs, Business Regulation and Economic Development:  A Cross-country Examination
Gladys E. Simpson, Florida International University, USA

11:15  -12:30
Room 5219

Plenary Session II

Panel: The Unintended Consequences of ICT in

Sub-Saharan Africa

Session Chair

Sajda S Qureshi, University of Omaha


Oneurine Ngwa1, Shu John Shu1, Daniel Kudi1, Irene Mbarika2, Victor Mbarika1
1Southern University and A&M College, 2AGWECAMS Inc.




Paper Sessions - Two Parallel Tracks

Room 5219


Session Chair

Roy Johnson, University of Pretoria, South Africa

Technology in the classroom in conditions of infrastructural and capacity constraints: Lessons from Uganda
Laura Hosman, University of California, USA

Extending the ICT Technological Culturation Model: The Role of Accessibility and Perceived Socio-Economic Prospects on ICT Diffusion
Peter Meso and Philip F. Musa, Georgia State University

Towards a Model for National E-learning Implementations (Research in Progress)
Christine Charlton-Laing1 and Gerald Grant2
1 University of the West Indies; 2 Carleton University, Canada

Assessment of Knowledge Management's Growth in South Africa
C.J. (Neels) Kruger and Roy D. Johnson, University of Pretoria, South Africa

Room 5217


Session Chair

Cathy Urquhart, University of Auckland, New Zealand

The new public management, e-government and the notion of 'public value': Lessons from Mexico
Carla M. Bonina and Antonio Cordella
The London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

Antecedents of Suppliers' Participation in Business-to-Government (B2G) Electronic Auction Markets: Thai B2G E-Auction
Kitsada Dolpanya, Lesley Pek Wee Land and Geoff Dick
The University of New South Wales, Australia

Educate to Innovate - Fast Tracking ICT Management Capabilities Amongst the Key Government Officials for eGovernment Implementation in Bangladesh
Ahmed Imran1, Tim Turner2 and Shirley McGregor1
1 Australian National University, Australia; 2 Australian Defense Force Academy

ICT job shifts and ICT cluster assessment: an exploratory study through an ICT cluster in an emergent country: The case of El Gazala in Tunisia.
Walid Ghodbane, Universite de la Manouba, Tunisia

Coffee Break

Paper Sessions - Two Parallel Tracks

Room 5219


Session Chair
Peter Meso, Georgia State University

The Shifting Legitimation of an Information System: Local, Global and Large Scale
Gianluca Miscione1, Inger Elise Østmo2, Kristoffer Fossum2 and Knut Staring2
1 International Institute for Geo-Information and Earth Observation; 
2 University of Oslo, Norway

Fighting Hunger with Information - Mashups in ICT4D Increase Accessibility of Vital Services
Florian Sturm, David Hauer, Thorsten Hampel and Andreas Hornich
Universitat, Wien, Austria

Depicting the Landscape around Information Flows: Methodological Propositions (Practice paper)
Mikko Korpela1, Retha de la Harpe2 and Irmeli Luukkonen1
1 University of Kuopio, Finland, 2Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa

E-Health Readiness Framework from Electronic Health Records Perspective (Research in Progress)
JunHua Li, Lesley Pek Wee Land, Subhagata Chattopadhyay and Pradeep Ray
The University of New South Wales, Australia and The Asia Pacific u-Health Research Center (APuHC), Australia

Room 5217


Session Chair
David Tegarden, Virginia Tech, USA

Pervasive Versus Productive: The Case of Mobile Phones in Developing Economies   
Kurt DeMaagd,  Michigan State University

Mobile technologies for development - a comparative study on challenges (in Progress)
Åke Grönlund, Annika Andersson, and Mathias Hatakka
Örebro University, Sweden

Evaluating the Digital Divide: The Silver Surfer's Perspective
Jyoti Choudrie, Susan Grey and Nick Tsitsianis
University of Hertfordshire, UK

Room 2519

Plenary Session III

Panel:  ICT and Global Development Research

Session Chair
Chrysanthi Avgerou, London School of Economics
Geoff Walsham, Cambridge University
Sajda Qureshi, University of Omaha, USA
Muhammadou Kah, American University of Nigeria, Yola,
Adamawa State, Nigeria